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AIRLINX Communications, Inc. is an international supplier of: DSSS and FHSS spread spectrum radios, PDH microwave radios, SDH/SONET/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet microwave/mmwave radios, broadband wireless local loop (WLL) radios, 802.11a/b/g WLAN devices / wireless Ethernet bridges, SCADA/telemetry RF modems, FSO/FSP IR laser freespace optical / freespace photonic communication systems.  AIRLINX radios cover HF/VHF/UHF/SMR/ISM/U-NII to 60 GHz frequencies.  Freespace optical wireless (FSO/FSP IR laser communications) lasercom systems operate in the Terahertz range of the near IR spectrum.  AIRLINX also provides RF accessories such as: low-noise/power amplifiers, frequency up/down converters, point-to-point microwave and point-to-multipoint broadband wireless local loop antennas, microwave waveguide components, AC/DC power supplies, DC to RF coaxial lightning arrestors / surge protectors, custom coaxial cable assemblies and RF connectors. 

Featured Products

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Government and Military Band CCTV Video Surveillance and UAV/UGV Radios Unlicensed ISM Band CCTV Video Surveillance Radios Unlicensed ISM Band Rural Telephony POTS Voice/Leased Line Radios
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High-capacity IP/SDH/ SONET licensed 6-38 GHz microwave radios Gigabit/Fast Ethernet and OC-3/OC-1 FSO infrared (IR) LED/laser wireless solutions for high-speed LANs High-frequency mmWAVE unlicensed 60 GHz radio for 100-1500 Mbps applications, including ADC Digivance and HDTV
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Tactical wideband 130-550 MHz dipole antenna Low-profile vehicle mounted CCTV video camera for tactical & border applications Rugged bandwidth efficient video encoder with built-in DVR for mobile and telemetry networks
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Spectra Series Main Page_1206Airebeam Main Page_1106NetVX Main Page_1206
Unlicensed ISM Band & Government/Military Band Telemetry/SCADA Radios High-frequency mmWAVE licensed 70/80 GHz radio for 100-1500 Mbps applications, including ADC Digivance and HDTV Broadcast TV and TV Video Networking Solutions for Digital Microwave STLs
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