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Microwave Components and RF Accessories for Installation

AIRLINX offers an extensive antenna line for the unlicensed domestic and international ISM/U-NII bands. Spread spectrum and unlicensed broadband radios for indoor and outdoor WLAN (wireless LAN) bridging applications require a wide array of cost-effective omni-directional, sector, panel, Yagi, grid, dish and other directional antennas. For licensed broadband WLL (wireless local loop applications), AIRLINX offers point-to-multipoint antennas in various LMDS (10-38 GHz) and wideband MMDS (2.15 to 2.7 GHz and 3.3 to 3.7 GHz) frequencies. Broadcast microwave and point-to-point, short haul (<1...15-40 GHz) microwave/millimeter wave parabolic dish antennas are offered for low/medium/high-capacity backhaul links. AIRLINX supplies a number of VHF/UHF and cellular/PCS/GSM antennas to complement our antenna line. All antennas are designed to comply with applicable FCC and ETSI requirements. 

Contact AIRLINX for advanced "smart" antennas in licensed and unlicensed WLL and WLAN frequency bands.

Microwave Accessories