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NetVX Truepoint
Video Networking and Microwave Solution
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For Global Video Network Operators  

The Video Networking and Microwave Solution is a new video networking and point-to-point transport solution for video broadcasters and other media content network operators. This solution combines the strength of NetVX video networking and the TRuepoint microwave digital radio. These two elements have been integrated to seamlessly handle conventional and digital video, audio and data traffic and to transport content to its destination. Both NetVX and TRuepoint are built on the same powerful concept: modular, software-programmable technology designed for versatility and economy. Together, they provide bi-directional, multiservice networking for all of today’s traditional and emerging video applications. 

Key features  

  • Video, audio, and data communications, analog or digital video, STL and/or TSL operation, simplex or duplex transmission       
  • Support for MPEG, ATM, IP, ANSI, and CEPT interfaces       
  • Scalable, frequency-independent signal processing unit (SPU)       
  • Capacity-independent radio frequency unit (RFU)       
  • Plug-and-play modules       
  • SNMP-based management 

Operational benefits  

  • A single network replaces a host of video networking elements       
  • Fast, easy, and cost-efficient capacity upgrades       
  • Modular, easy-to-configure data interfaces       
  • Highly reliable, integrated design, with more than 20 years MTBF 

Strategic benefits  

  • Enhanced revenues. Flexible deployment and easy, economical reconfiguration extends operator reach and simplifies new market entry.       
  • Reduced costs. Lowest cost solution in its class, integrated, simplified networking and radio platforms, and dramatically reduced upgrade costs all work to reduce deployment and operating costs.       
  • Seamless Transport. Provides the ability to manage a seamless microwave network with common access interfaces across an entire network.       
  • Competitive advantage. Faster time to market, access to new markets, and easy transition to IP and other future technologies.