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About Us

Company Profile and Missionantenna2

AIRLINX Communications, Inc. is an international value-added wireless distributor and network integrator of high-capacity microwave and spread spectrum radio communications systems. AIRLINX supplies a complete range of microwave and millimeterwave radios, multipoint broadband wireless local loop (WLL) systems, unlicensed spread spectrum radios (modems, bridges and WLAN hardware) and IR laser communications systems. We also offer our own high-frequency Fast/Gigabit Ethernet and SDH/SONET microwave and millimeterwave radio systems. Providing complete turnkey wireless solutions using custom engineered microwave subsystems and RF accessories is our core competency. AIRLINX wireless systems fulfill all corporate enterprise, carrier, utility, medical, education, government and military end-user network connectivity applications. Our RF connectivity systems include private microwave, network extension or WLAN bridging, telecommunications carrier backbone and last mile connectivity, radio and television broadcasting and secure next generation battlefield data, voice and video systems for the military.   

Where it is technically feasible, wireless networking and private microwave offer the quickest return on investment compared to leased lines and other wireline technologies. In many cases, a wired infrastructure may not be possible.

Established in 1996, AIRLINX has rapidly expanded along with the worldwide wireless industry. AIRLINX is a New Hampshire-based company, but maintains sales and service centers in Canada, Brazil and other countries.