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Products Voice & Video-over-IP Network Video Products

Network Camera Products  
AXIS 206 1005
AXIS 206 (for indoor-use only) 

 AXIS 207 1005
AXIS 207 (for indoor-use only)

 AXIS 207W 1005
AXIS 207W (for indoor-use only)

AXIS 207W 1005 

AXIS 207MW (for indoor-use only)
 AXIS 210 1005AXIS 210 (for indoor-use only) 
AXIS 210A 1005
AXIS 210A (for indoor-use only)
AXIS 216FD_0606
AXIS 216FD (for indoor-use only)AXIS 216FD_0606
AXIS 216FD-V (for indoor-use only)
AXIS 211 1005AXIS 211 (indoor and outdoor)AXIS 211 1005AXIS 211A (indoor and outdoor)
AXIS 221 Day & Night 1005AXIS 221 (indoor and outdoor)
AXIS 223M_1206
AXIS 223M (indoor and outdoor)

AXIS 225FD Fixed Dome 1005

AXIS 225FD (indoor and outdoor)

AXIS 212 PTZ_0606

AXIS 212 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom without wear and tear)

AXIS 213 PTZ 1005

AXIS 213 PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom & network dome)

AXIS 214 PTZ_0606

AXIS 214 PTZ (day & night with pan/tilt/zoom and audio)

AXIS 231D 1005

AXIS 231D+ (pan/tilt/zoom & network dome)

AXIS 231D 1005

AXIS 232D+ (pan/tilt/zoom & network dome)

  Video Servers

AXIS 241S Video Server_0904
AXIS 241S/241SA (1-port video server)

AXIS 242S IV_0606AXIS 242S IV (video & audio analyses)

AXIS 241S Video Server_0904
 (1-port video server)

AXIS 240Q 1005
AXIS 240Q (4-port video server)

AXIS 241Q Video Server_0904
AXIS 241Q/241QA (4-port video server)

AXIS Rack Solution_0904
AXIS Rack Solution 
 AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder 1005
AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder

AXIS 282_AXIS 282A_0606AXIS 282/AXIS 282A
 (One channel video servers in small footprint without casing)

  Recording solutions

AXIS 262 Network Video Recorder sm 1005

 AXIS 262 Network Video RecorderAXIS Camera Station sm 1005

 AXIS Camera Station

AXIS 262 Network Video Recorder sm 1005

 AXIS 262+ Network Video Recorder



AXIS Camera Station sm 1005
 AXIS Camera Station 
AXIS Camera Management sm_1206
 AXIS Camera Management 

AXIS Camera Station sm 1005
 AXIS Camera Station One 



Outdoor Housings_0904
Protective housingsAXIS 295 Joystick_small_0606AXIS 295 Video Surveillance Joystick (easy joystick control of Axis PTZ and dome network cameras)

IR Illuminators_0904

IR Illuminators
(for use with AXIS 230 MPEG-2 Network Camera and AXIS 2420 Network Camera - IR Sensitive)

AXIS 213CM Connection Module 1005
AXIS 213CM Connection Module (works only with AXIS 213 PTZ Network Camera)
Axis Power over Ethernet 1005
Power over EthernetConnectors & cables_0904
Connectors & cables

Lenses & lens accessories_0904

Lenses & lens accessories

Mounting accessories_0904

Mounting accessories 

Power accessories_0904

Power accessoriesAXIS 292 Network Video Decoder_0904
AXIS 292 Network Video Decoder
 (for use with all Axis Motion JPEG, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 based products)