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P-P Link with Repeater

SPEEDLAN Family Overview

The SPEEDLAN Wireless LAN System offers unique LAN to LAN connectivity.

SPEEDLAN FAMILY BRIDGE ROUTER   Each SPEEDLAN unit can be configured to have up to three Wireless LAN ports to meet varied multi-point configuration, performance and budget requirements. SPEEDLAN is the most flexible multi-point system available and is upgradeable. SPEEDLAN radio systems may be configured for 2 and 10 Mbps in several combinations. As a multi-port Bridge and optional IP/IPX Router SPEEDLAN reduces the cost of connectivity because many satellite locations can be connected via multipoint omni antennas from each of three ports.

A 10 Mbps wireless backbone may be created city wide spanning buildings or towers, eliminating the ongoing costs of telephone company services. The system is ideal for Internet Service Providers or businesses that need high performance Internet connectivity.

Other applications include simple point to multi-point private networks for schools, hospitals, city or county governments or a wide range of commercial applications.


Faster than telephone company alternatives
Goes where cable cannot go
Quick to implement
No right of way required
Fast pay back; no on-going monthly service fees
More reliable than high speed phone circuits
Re-deployable for disaster recovery or temporary uses

SPEEDLAN Wireless Family has significantly enhanced performance and multi-point network capability that may attain typical ethernet speeds.

SPEEDLAN Family Features

Plug and Play
License free
2.4 GHz frequency band or 900 MHz (2 Mbps only), direct sequence
Multi-point operation
3 in 1 wireless bridge
Protocol independent
Dynamic bandwidth allocation
Impervious to weather
10 miles with standard amplified assembly
SNMP remote monitor and configuration from Internet
Antenna assemblies/installation kits included
Up to 20 LED front panel display
Receive, transmit and collisions for each wireless and wired connection, system forwarding rate
One year warranty

Bridge and IP/IPX Router Functionality

SPEEDLAN 10 comes from the factory as a transparent, MAC layer, self learning wireless bridge with customer configurable IP and IPX routing capability that will connect two or more Ethernet LANS. The bridge/router may pass all Ethernet like protocols including IP, IPX, Appletalk, etc.

3 in 1 Bridge/Router

Four ports are available as ethernet, 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps wireless at 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz, and 10 Mbps at 2.4 GHz. In a multi-point wireless network SPEEDLAN may use one or more wireless ports with omni directional 360o antennas or long range directional antennas. Three different frequency sets may segment up to three wireless networks for maximum throughput and availability. Each wireless segment may accommodate multiple connections to remote locations. The ability to operate three different wireless segments from the same chassis reduces cost, increases the configurability and usefulness of the system for a wide range of applications.

Repeater Functionality

If two radios are used in a single chassis, a 2 or 10 Mbps repeater may be created. The repeater may be utilized to extend distance or obtain line of sight.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Wave Wireless improves multi-point communications significantly by changing the normal random timing of wireless communication to a time division polling protocol. Multi-point wireless networks usually suffer performance degradation because multiple satellite locations are competing for the time of a single radio at a central location. SPEEDLAN products may be configured to eliminate the performance problems associated with retransmissions and acknowledgments when radios share the same frequency band in a multi-point network.

WIN 95 SNMP Monitor and Configurator

Important network tuning statistics are seen from a simple easy to use Windows 95 application. Network managers may see and manage their wireless connections remotely from a single graphical interface. Statistics of wireless packets transmitted and received from each location can be viewed, as well as the ethernet interface to the network. Windows 95 tools include point to point and multi-point antenna alignment utilities, complete remote configuration, management and reboot capability. Equipment temperature and other metrics may also be remotely monitored.

Ease of Support and Management

SNMP wireless and wired link management may be administered from any ethernet network or remotely from the Internet. Wave Wireless, a dealer or end user may upgrade software and service the system from the Internet or via a SLIP "out of band" management port via external modem. SNMP MIB II, Bridge MIB, Ethernet interface MIB and proprietary MIB's are included for the bridge/ router including RF signal level, quality, and noise level.


IEEE 802.3 ethernet protocols
IEEE 802.1 d transparent MAC layer bridging
RFC compliant routing

Performance and Configurability

The flexibility of SPEEDLAN allows the following combinations of radio interfaces to create backbones and wireless segments for the most demanding multi-point data applications.


Up to three 2 Mbps Ports


One 10 Mbps port
Two 10 Mbps ports (2.4 and 5.7 to be released)
One 10 Mbps port and one 2 Mbps port
One 10 Mbps port and two 2 Mbps port

Special Features

Optional transmission power to 4 watts EIRP
Up to 25 miles distance with optional special high gain antenna assemblies
Data encryption
SPEEDLAN Technical Specifications


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