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Services Maintenance


All products that AIRLINX offers carry their manufacturers' warranty terms. Call AIRLINX toll free at 888.224.6814 for details. Over time, cables, connectors and antenna systems can degrade due to the weather, UV exposure and a variety of other factors.Internal hardware is less prone to the elements, yet periodically, it should be inspected. Quite frequently, add-on modules may be desired such as interface modules, additional radio modules, as well as a variety of software upgrades.

Key Benefits
  • Various 1-2 year manufacturers' warranties and extended warranties    
  • Maintenance contracts to inspect, upgrade or replace your RF hardware and antenna/feed system    
  • AIRLINX can assist you in warranty claims because we have established vendor relationships. We act as an intermediary for temporary loan equipment as well. 

Vendor Authorized

Troubleshooting, inspection and maintenance 

Established Vendor Relationships 

Quick and effective responses to swap equipment under warranty

24/7 Plans for Those Requiring Immediate Attention

AIRLINX has a number of options for those who need immediate service