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Bilateral Amplifiers 

The AAA series of Bilateral Amplifiers are designed to improve the range of 902-928 MHz spread spectrum transceivers by amplifying both the transmitted and received signals right at the antenna, mitigating cable loss. On the receive side the amplifier incorporates GaAs FET amplification along with SAW and dielectric resonator filtering. This achieves a 1.5 dB Noise Figure and a +5 dBm input intercept point along with 40 dB of cellular and pager band rejection. A combination of SAW and low-pass filtering reduces harmonic output to less than -70 dBc. 

The amplifiers require 12 VDC and are powered through the antenna cable, simplifying the installation process. The product is packaged in sealed milled aluminum housing, providing the utmost in weather protection. 

Available in 1 Watt and 5 Watt (for military customers only) models, the AAA series of amplifiers are the ideal solution for extending the range of spread spectrum radios. 

The Bilateral Amplifiers are for use only by US Government or Military customers or for export. 


Technical Specifications

Item Specification 

Frequency Range

902-928 MHz

Output Power

AAA-5W: 5 Watts Min; AAA-1W: 1 Watt Min

Input RF Power

15 mW Min; 330 mW Max

Harmonic Output

2nd -40 dBc, 3rd and higher -70 dBc

Turnon Transients

-70 dBc @ fc+/-230 kHz, higher for lower turnon times

Transmit switch level

15 mW

Turn on Time 

20 ms, down to 1 ms optional

Power Consumption

AAA-5W: 2.0 A Max @ 12 VDC; AAA-1W: 0.35 A Max @ 12 VDC



Noise Figure

1.5 dB Max


14 dB Min, higher gain optional

Intercept Point

+5 dBm referred to input

1 dB compression

-10 dBm input


902-928 MHz: +/- 1 dB; <895 MHz: -40 dB; 930 MHz: -40 dB

Power Consumption

22 mA Max @ 12 VDC




Milled Aluminum with Integral Bracket


63.5mm W x 101.6mm L x 21.3mm H

RF Connectors

Amplifier: SMA Female; Diplexer: N Female

Supply Voltage

10.5 to 18.0 VDC