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Model 1251 T1 (1.544Mbps) and Model 1250 E1 (2.048Mbps) HDSL Modems transfer data across ordinary copper, unshielded  twisted-pair (UTP) cabling at distances of 13,000 ft (2.4 miles) for T1 and 8,500 ft (1.6 miles) for E1.  Both Model 1251 and Model 1250 HDSL Modems can be used back-to-back, to form a repeater which, when positioned at the max distance of the first HDSL loop, can further extend the reach of the communications link within the end user's campus.   In the application shown, HDSL is used to transmit voice from a PBX switch in the central data communications room out to a second PBX switch at a remote site using the existing copper infrastructure found on the campus and running the link through a mid-point repeater fashioned out of two back-to-back HDSL Modems.