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University Campus Environment Solutions

ADT-3  Low Speed Asynchronous Line Drivers can be used on a University Campus to establish communication links between remote security card readers or point-of-sales equipment and more centrally located controllers or computers. Students can use scan cards to open secured doors and gates, check out library books, initiate administrative procedures, buy supplies, pay for lunch and even order pizza at off-campus establishments.

The ADT-3 Async Line Drivers can be used in any application where RS-232 connections need to be extended. The most traditional application was for connecting dumb terminals, or PCs operating in terminal emulation mode, to a mainframe host.  Line drivers might also be used for connecting remote sensors on heating and air conditioning equipment, electrical distribution systems, elevators, fire alarms or security alarms to central monitoring stations. Line drivers can be used to send out process control commands to sprinkler and irrigation systems, security camera control equipment or electronic marquee signs.  The use of low speed line drivers in process control and monitoring applications is limited only by your imagination.