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CMG | Modular 2/4-wire G.SHDSL Modem

2/4-wire G.SHDSL Transmission with Flexible Interface Modules 

CMG Modular 2&4-wire G.SHDSL Modem_1106 

Product Specifications:

  • Data rate: up to 2312 kbps/4624 kbps (for 2/4-wire respectively)
  • Line data rate in steps of n x 64 kbps (E1 unframed 2048 kbps)
  • Selectable interfaces: G.703, V.X.21 & Ethernet Bridge
  • Transmission distance: up to 6.5 km/12 km (for 2312/192 kbps respectively)
  • Inband remote management and line speed auto-detection
  • VT100 via Single Slot Housing RA-T-V and optional SNMP management
    via rack agent available
  • Long distance transmission over copper lines using G.SHDSL (up to km)
  • Adjustable line speed to optimize between speed and transmission distance of data
  • A variety of interfaces are selectable using a IM-C interface module plus basic CM-G card
  • Available as rack mount card or as standalone unit
  • Automatic remote configuration

CMG Mod G.SHDSL Modem Diagram_1106