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HDSL Modems


Model 1251 HDSL T1 (1.544Mbps) and Model 1250 HDSL E1 (2.048Mbps) Modems transfer data over regular twisted pair copper wires, driving distances of 13,000Ft. (2.4 Miles) for T1 and 11,000Ft. for E1. HDSL offers fiber quality transfers on existing copper wires to provide cost effective solutions to long distance high speed, data transfer connections.  

The units operate in pairs with a central unit and a remote unit. The special front panel design of Model 1251 and Model 1250 enables the user to select programming features by choosing simple performance commands. The LCD displays your programming choices for clock, tests and terminal selections, to fit your configuration requirements. Keeping the design of the units simple, and accommodating to your facility structure, allows quick end to end installations.


The Model 1251 and Model 1250 offer modular interfaces to integrate with the unlimited application options that require various equipment connections. Interfaces include V.35, DSX-1, and RS-530 for T1 version and G.703 for the E1 version. All Modular interfaces are DTE/DCE switchable through front panel programming, allowing quick, basic, plug-in interface connections. 

Specifications for the Model 1251 Base Unit

  • Line operates on two (2) twisted pairs and is terminated via 4-wire screw down or RJ-45 connector.

  • Signal Format runs full duplex 784Kbps per pair using 2B1Q Code.

  • Diagnostics are front panel programmable for Local Loop, Remote Loop, and Self Test.

  • Units power requirements run 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz and power consumption is 9 watts with the interface module.