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In today's fast-converging multichannel/multimedia environment, success depends on your ability to move video, audio and data seamlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively. This ability is more than the key to resource sharing and operational efficiency. It's your future. 


  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    With NetVX, a secondary source of program and interstitial material can be utilized in the event of studio signal loss. Operations can continue regardless of what takes place at the studio. NetVX allows you to maintain business continuity by integrating voice, video, audio and data into one single link. 

  • High-Definition Encoding and Multi-Channel Operation
    The NetVX ENC-H11 High Definition encoder uses the latest in VLSI technology to bring stunning HD video to the NetVX platform at the lowest possible bit rates. NetVX supports statistical multiplexing on all HD and SD video encoders, which provides highly efficient bandwidth allocation.  

  • Economical Video Transport over IP
    NetVX supports Video over IP (VIP) for broadcasters and content owners. The GBE-C11 Gigabit Ethernet module supports hundreds of Megabits of video streams and Forward Error Correction (FEC). Additionally, NetVX Video over IP can interoperate with third party VIP standard products.  

  • Event Backhaul / Remote News Gathering
    The NetVX 1 RU modular chassis is ideal for remote sites, such as event venues or news gathering applications. The system can be equipped with a variety of application modules like SD or HD encoding, ATM, or IP network modules. This application solution provides multi-service support and a seamless connection back to the studio.  

  • Video Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) Solution
    NetVX, TRuepoint, and NetBoss EM provide a total video STL solution. A studio can use NetVX to connect to remote transmitter sites in variations of direct, ring, and sequential point-to-point topologies, fiber or STL (video or DS3 data), while TRuepoint radios provide bi-directional DS3 connectivity and NetBoss EM provides system configuration and monitoring.  

With a totally modular architecture, NetVX can be configured to support any contribution and/or distribution application. Select either a 5RU chassis with slots for up to 17 modules (15 applications, 2 control) or a 1RU “starter system” chassis that holds up to three modules. Then, choose the modules you need for your specific application. As your needs expand, upgrades are as simple as plugging in additional modules.

Download the NetVX data sheet