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Access 241

VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptor

VoIP Access 241_1206

Access241, VoIP analog telephone adaptor, enables service providers to deliver high-quality VoIP service that uses traditional analog telephones and fax machines to their residential and small office home office (SOHO) customers. It is a cost-efficient means for service providers to migrate their customers' traditional analog telephones and fax machines onto IP-based networks. Access241 reduces subscribers’ costs and simplifies installation by including an embedded router and 4 LAN ports, thus eliminating the need for an external router and or switch. It also reduces service providers' costs because it’s remotely manageable for software upgrades and troubleshooting. 

Each Access241 has two analog voice lines (FXS) that support independent telephone numbers plus one FXO or 1 Lifeline. FXO functionality enables end-users to accept calls via either their VoIP or PSTN lines on a single phone, by utilizing call waiting and dial plans. In addition, the FXO feature enables enhanced dial plan functionality, allowing the user to route directly to the PSTN line when needed, for example dialing 911 calls. 

Unlike other devices, it extends the benefits of variable voice compression technology to both phone ports providing the ability to deliver high quality voice even when bandwidth is limited. The voice ports interface directly with any analog telephone or fax machine. Access241 is equipped with four 10/100BaseTX Ethernet LAN ports that can be connected to multiple computers or other peripherals in home-network and one 10/100BaseTX WAN uplink for direct connectivity to a xDSL or cable modem, wireless access device, or within an Ethernet network. 

Download the Access 241 data sheet - PDF Version

Features and Benefits

  • Two independent phone lines (FXS) + one FXO or Lifeline connection  
  • Four 10/100BaseTX LAN ports  
  • One 10/100BaseTX WAN port (xDSL/cable modem, wireless, PC, etc.)  
  • Superior voice quality using various QoS mechanisms  
  • Allows incoming/originating calls over VoIP and PSTN lines via one phone  
  • Embedded router eliminates home router  
  • Supports alarm systems and TiVo  
  • Firewall and DMZ  
  • T.38 and G.711 fax over IP support  
  • Advanced calling features: 3-way calling, distinctive ring, attended/unattended forward, and many more  
  • Supports SIP or MGCP  
  • DHCP server client and relay  
  • NAT server to enable connection of phones and PC while using one IP address  
  • Voice activity detection (VAD) saves bandwidth  
  • Complex CODEC schemes simultaneously on both ports  
  • Integrated web server for easy provisioning  
  • Auto provisioning and automatic configuration with TFTP and HTTP to aid large installations