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VoIP Access Devices

VoIP solutions enable service providers to migrate their customers' traditional analog telephones and fax machines onto IP-based networks. These solutions reduce subscribers' costs and simplifies installation eliminating the need for an external router and or switch. It also reduces service providers' costs because it's remotely manageable for software upgrades and troubleshooting.

The Access product family delivers high quality voice even when bandwidth is limited.


VoIP Access500 sm_1206

VoIP Integrated Access Device Family


VoIP Access 201N sm_1206

Access 201N
Analog VoIP Gateway

VoIP Access 211N sm_1206

Access 211N
VoIP Residential Gateway

VoIP Access 241-FXO sm_1206

Access 241-FXO
VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptor

VoIP Access 241 sm_1206

Access 241
VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptor

VoIP GW-232 sm_1206

Mini EdgeGate Voice over IP and FTTH Media Gateway