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IPmux-16 & IPmux-8 - TDM Pseudo-Wire Gateways


Product Summary

IPmux-8 TDM pseudo-wire gateway and IPmux-16 pseudo-wire gateway convert TDM services for transport over IP and Ethernet networks using TDMoIP technology. The IPmux-8 TDM pseudo-wire gateway transmits E1/T1 traffic, while the IPmux-16 TDM pseudo-wire gateway can handle E1/T1, E3/T3 and channelized T3 services. A powerful internal Layer-2 Ethernet switch provides a user Ethernet port with rate limiting and port-based VLAN tagging capabilities. The units’ ultra-low delay time meets Quality of Service requirements. 


  • Eliminates point-to-point E1/T1, E3/T3 leased lines 
  • Low latency meets QoS requirements 
  • Supports legacy PBX, including proprietary features and signaling
  • Leased lines, cellular backhaul and international toll bypass can be run over the packet-switched network 

Quick Specs

  • Transparently transmits TDM-based services over packet switched networks (Ethernet, IP or MPLS)
  • Extend up to 16 E1/T1 circuits or two E3/T3 circuits
  • Fiber and copper Ethernet uplink interfaces
  • Wire-speed bridging of user LAN traffic to the packet-switched network
  • Transparent to all signaling protocols
  • Channelized E1/T1s aggregate multiple fractional E1/T1s
  • Cross connect between E1 or T1 ports
  • Channelized T3s for aggregating multiple T1s
  • Unframed E3/T3 transport over packet switched networks
  • Uplink redundancy  
  • Centralized SNMP-based management
  • Uplink redundancy 
  • Centralized SNMP-based management 

Further Product Information

The IPmux-8 TDM pseudo-wire gateway and IPmux-16 TDM pseudo-wire gateway use patented TDMoIP technology to convert TDM user traffic data streams into IP packets or MPLS frames for transmission over the packet-switched network (PSN) via an Ethernet uplink. A TDMoIP gateway at the remote side converts the packets back to TDM traffic. These TDMoIP gateways take advantage of the popular new IP/Ethernet/MPLS networks to deliver TDM-based voice, fax, modem, and data services without compromising traditional PSTN quality.

Integrated access

IPmux-8 TDM pseudo-wire gateway and IPmux-16 TDM pseudo-wire gateway offer extended, Layer 2-based, TDM and Ethernet integrated access capabilities. They enable wire-speed bridging between the user LAN and the Ethernet WAN. User port traffic can be rate-limited, tagged and filtered (based on VLAN membership) and double VLAN tagging (VLAN stacking) can be applied to better engineer the network and allow a granular bandwidth capacity offering. 

TDM circuit extension

IPmux-8 and IPmux-16 support the following features: 

  • E1/T1 connectivity for any user device with standard E1/T1 interface 
  • Alarm detection and insertion along with error statistics 
  • SES/UAS statistics, LOS/AIS physical layer alarms and remote/local loop test modes. 

The devices support standard E1/T1 alarms from end-to-end. 

Modular design

IPmux-16 TDM pseudo-wire gateway and IPmux-8 TDM pseudo-wire gateway are modular, carrier class TDMoIP gateways. IPmux-16 pseudo-wire gateway is NEBS compliant. 

• E1 and T1 modules

The IPmux-16 pseudo-wire gateway supports up to two E1 or T1 modules that include four or eight ports each, for a maximum of 16 E1/T1 channels. IPmux-8 pseudo-wire gateway supports up to two E1 or T1 modules that include four ports each.

• Ethernet modules

IPmux-16 and IPmux-8 pseudo-wire gateways incorporate up to two Ethernet modules. Each module provides one or four Fast Ethernet ports with 10/100BaseT or 100BaseFx interface. Redundancy and load sharing between the uplinks of the Ethernet modules is supported.

• E3 and T3 modules

Two unframed E3 or T3 modules can operate in a single IPmux-16 unit together with two Ethernet modules. When the hand-off interface required at the central site is T3, a channelized T3 module (see below) installed in the central IPmux can groom the unframed T1 links originating from multiple remote gateways. A pair of IPmux-16 units can provide E3 and T3 clear channel extension.

• Channelized T3 and STS-1 modules

These modules enable the IPmux-16 pseudo-wire gateway to function as a grooming device that can receive up to 28 T1 TDMoIP streams and groom them into framed T3 at the central site.


T1 extension over packet-switched network with T3 grooming at central site


IPmux in a daisy-chain application

Download the IPmux-8 data sheet - PDF Version

Download the IPmux-16 data sheet - PDF Version