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IPmux-14 - TDM Pseudo-Wire Gateway


Product Summary

IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway supplies Ethernet-based access, as well as extension of TDM-based services over packet switched networks. IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway provides a legacy over PSN solution, transmitting E1/T1 streams transparently over packet switched networks. The device converts the data stream from its user E1/T1ports into packets for transmission over the network. A remote IPmux TDM pseudo-wire gateway converts the packets back to TDM traffic. 


  • Eliminates point-to-point E1/T1 leased lines 
  • Low latency meets QoS requirements 
  • Supports legacy PBX, including proprietary features and signaling 
  • Supports all standard implementations of TDM pseudo-wire (TDMoIP, SAToP and CESoPSN) 

Quick Specs

  • Transmits TDM-based services over packet switched networks (Ethernet, IP or MPLS)
  • Four channelized E1/T1 TDM user ports aggregate multiple fractional E1/T1s
  • Cross connect between E1 or T1 ports
  • Serial user data port with V.35, V.36, RS-530, RS-422, or RS-232 interface option
  • Fiber and copper Ethernet uplink interfaces
  • Wire-speed bridging of user LAN traffic to the packet-switched network
  • Transparent to all signaling protocols
  • QoS support
  • High precision clock recovery for 2G/3G cellular traffic over PSN
  • Centralized SNMP-based management  

Further Product Information

The IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway converts TDM user traffic data streams from the E1/T1 or serial ports into IP packets or MPLS frames for transmission over the packet-switched network (PSN) via an Ethernet uplink. Another TDM pseudo-wire gateway at the remote side converts the packets back to TDM traffic. The TDMoIP gateways take advantage of the popular new IP/Ethernet/MPLS networks to deliver TDM-based voice, fax, modem, and data services without compromising traditional PSTN quality. 

Integrated access

IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway offers extended, Layer 2-based, TDM and Ethernet integrated access capabilities. The product enables wire-speed bridging between the user LAN and the Ethernet WAN. User LAN traffic can be rate limited, tagged and filtered (based on VLAN membership) and double VLAN tagging (VLAN stacking) can be applied to better engineer the network and allow a granular bandwidth capacity offering. 

TDM circuit extension

The IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway supports the following features: 

  • E1/T1 or serial data connectivity for any user device with standard E1/T1 or V.35/V.36/RS-530/RS-422/RS-232 interface 
  • Alarm detection and insertion along with error statistics 
  • SES/UAS statistics, LOS/AIS physical layer alarms and remote/local loop tests. 

The device supports standard E1/T1 alarms from end-to-end. 

Compact TDMoIP customer premises gateways

IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway is designed to meet the requirements of small customer premises sites. It reduces operating expenses by delivering virtually all TDM, data and LAN services over IP/Ethernet/MPLS networks, while ensuring strict priority for the TDMoIP traffic over the network link. End users continue to receive all familiar services, while carriers and service providers maintain revenues from legacy services. The compact size, ease of installation and support for multiple legacy and next generation Ethernet and IP-based services make the IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway serves the growing need of business customers for transparent LAN services (TLS), such as LAN-to-LAN interconnection and Ethernet connectivity to service providers. Enhanced features such as user LAN port rate limiting enable adapting the total bandwidth transmitted to the limitation of the transport media. VLAN stacking allows the encapsulation of multiple locally used VLANs over a single network media for efficient network engineering.

The IPmux-14A TDM pseudo-wire gateway version is designed for deployment at base station site s for cellular backhaul over IP/Ethernet applications. Its high-precision clock recovery capability guarantees the smooth operation of both 2G and 3G cellular equipment when connected over a PSN. Compact, 1U-high unit size permits coexistence with other communications gear at sites where space is limited. 


IPmux-14 TDM pseudo-wire gateway is equipped with the following interfaces: 

  • Four standard E1/T1 user ports 
  • Serial data port with various interface options: V.35, V.36, RS- 530, RS-422, and RS-232 
  • Two Ethernet ports with optional 10/100BaseT or 100BaseFx interface serve as network uplinks or user ports 
  • One Ethernet user port with 10/100BaseT interface for LAN connectivity 
  • External clock port (E1/T1 rate)


Serial data communication over a packet-switched network


E1/T1 extension over packet-switched network


IPmux-14 in a daisy-chain application

IPmux-14 in a cellular backhaul application

Download the IPmux-14 data sheet - PDF Version