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Video Management Overview

Manage Enterprise Video Surveillance Operations

Loronix Video Manager helps you more efficiently manage your video surveillance operations, automating manual processes for improved response time and more effective allocation of personnel and resources. With Loronix Video Manager, you can: 

  • View live and recorded video and manage your entire video surveillance operation from a single LAN- or WAN-enabled workstation  
  • Pinpoint the most pertinent video images for faster, more effective decisions and appropriate action  
  • Interface with access control, alarm, and business management systems  
  • Receive timely alerts about significant events — unauthorized access, detected weapons, suspicious transactions  
  • Deliver video images and related data directly to the people who need to see them according to alarm response and escalation procedures that you define 
Built on a modern, standards-based architecture, Loronix Video Manager positions you to leverage your existing LAN, server and storage investments already. Loronix Video Manager: 
  • Operates seamlessly with your analog and third-party IP cameras, IT infrastructure, and existing CCTV system  
  • Eliminates many of the support and integration issues associated with traditional DVRs and "white box" PCs  
  • Runs on powerful, enterprise-class Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers from vendors who specialize in server technology for reliability, scalability, and world-class service and support