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Remote Management Diagnostics Overview

HealthCheck remotely monitors the status of each of your DVR/CCTV systems, as well as connected devices such as cameras, ATM or POS data capture devices. It retrieves information from the DVR system log and displays it in a graphic "tree view" format, enabling you to determine the status of all DVRs selected for automatic polling at a glance. By displaying a variety of error, warning and connection status messages, HealthCheck helps you to quickly troubleshoot and anticipate problems as well as schedule preventive maintenance.

HealthCheck Specifications

  • 2 single digital video recorders     
  • Secure contact is initiated by the user, not by the failing system     
  • Schedule tests to run at intervals of your choice     
  • Access results at your convenience     
  • Retrieve status of each DVR/CCTV system. 

Download the HealthCheck data sheet - PDF Version