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NetDVR Financial Overview

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NetDVR is a 16-channel digital video recorder specifically designed for financial organizations. Capturing critical images and relating them back to specific transactional data, NetDVR delivers actionable intelligence for pinpointing fraud, managing Regulation E disputes, and reducing loss. Ideally suited for retail branch banking and ATM kiosk applications, this digital video recorder offers robust functionality, feature-rich interface capability and programmable bandwidth utilization. And, NetDVR is easy to install, program and use.   

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The NetDVR Control Panel software is easy to use, enabling you to search for video by time and date, motion event, ATM and teller transaction number or alarm event. Associated transaction and alarm data are side-bar displayed without obscuring the video, as happens with standard text insertion. 

Download the netDVR Financial data sheet - PDF Version


A New Standard in Actionable Intelligence for the Banking Industry

NetDVR II delivers the actionable intelligence that corporate security and fraud investigators need to reduce liability and loss, address claims, and create a safe environment. At up to 300 FPS, NetDVR II delivers superior performance on a highly scalable, embedded platform.


  • Powerful, real-time IP-based ATM, teller, and alarm interfaces    
  • Capability to leverage state-of-the-art video analytic technologies for pinpointing the most significant images    
  • Multiple connectivity options to support external storage, IP cameras, and customer-specific applications    
  • Highly efficient video compression and selectable frame rate and resolution per camera, optimizing storage on Serial ATA drives    
  • An SD flash card that stores DVR properties which simplifies service    
  • Front-panel USB port to facilitate memory stick collection of video for evidence