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Lanex Solutions

Easy to Install, Program and Operate

NetDVR Financial
NetDVR Retail
Video Solutions for Mobile Transportation
Remote Management Diagnostics
Software for Remote Guard Tours

With a wide range of digital video recorders (DVRs) and software, Lanex solutions serve the financial, mobile, and retail market. Offering robust functionality, our DVRs are designed to be easy to install, easy to program and simple to operate.

A Full Suite of DVR Solutions

The Lanex microDVR is a feature-rich digital video recorder designed for financial organizations. Ideally suited for ATMs and smaller branch applications, the microDVR is able to capture data from your tellers and ATMs, even if your system interfaces are serial today and IP tomorrow. With up to 15 FPS and 500 GB of storage per camera, microDVR offers robust functionality in a compact unit.

The Lanex netDVR is a robust digital video recorder for financial and retail organizations. With remote accessibility, you can review video or change settings from any location. Combined with Dellis Enterprise Software, multiple users can view several DVRs simultaneously. And, users can conduct remote guard tours directly from a standard workstation. The netDVR provides up to 1600 GB of storage capacity, so there is no need to swap tapes or other media.

The RP 12001 is designed specifically for the rugged requirements of the mobile environment. Offering an industrial-strength embedded operating system, RP 12001 enhances security for buses, light rails, law enforcement vehicles and more. 

Remote Management Diagnostics

HealthCheck remotely monitors the status of each of your DVR/CCTV systems, as well as connected devices such as cameras, ATM or POS data capture devices. By displaying a variety of error, warning and connection status messages, HealthCheck helps you to quickly troubleshoot and anticipate problems as well as schedule preventive maintenance.

Dellis Software for Remote Guard Tours

Remotely monitor multiple areas and locations, through your network of our DVR/CCTV systems and connected devices with Dellis. Unlike traditional systems which capture single, historic data from one site, Dellis allows you to view live data and selected cameras from multiple sites. With the Dellis "Guard Tour," you can create a virtual, customized tour and view live video – all from the convenience of one central or remote location.