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AXIS 243SA Video Server 

Full-featured, digital benefits for analog surveillance systems

  • One-channel video server   
  • Full frame rate in MPEG-4/Motion JPEG in all resolutions   
  • Video motion detection and pre/post-alarm buffer   
  • Support for PTZ and dome cameras   
  • Integrated two-way audio support   
  • Easy joystick control (AXIS 295)
Axis 243SA_1206 
Full frame rate in MPEG-4/Motion JPEG in all resolutions

The AXIS 243SA Video Server enables high resolution, full frame rate video surveillance and remote monitoring in MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG. The video server converts analog video into high quality, de-interlaced digital video, and can deliver the highest resolution, 4CIF, at 30/25 (NTSC/PAL) frames per second.

Converting from analog CCTV to digital video

The AXIS 243SA is designed to migrate analog systems into high-performance, IP-based solutions. It offers a number of advanced functionalities such as video motion detection, image upload, scheduled and triggered event functionality with alarm notification.

Advanced network security

A comprehensive set of security features, including multiple user access levels, HTTPS encryption, possibility to disable unused network services for example ftp, IEEE802.1X and IP address filtering, ensures secure video handling and configuration. In addition, the AXIS 243SA has support for Quality of Service (QoS) which helps secure the necessary bandwidth for streaming video and control commands over a network.

All installations that require full-motion video

The AXIS 243SA is the ideal choice for casinos, airports, traffic surveillance and prisons — anywhere an analog surveillance system is already installed and full frame rate is needed. The two-way audio support enables identification of suspicious behavior and communication of orders or requests.

More Features

  • Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 streams in resolutions up to 704x576    
  • De-interlace filter which improves image quality in the highest resolution (4CIF)    
  • Network security using multiple user access levels, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X authentication    
  • Supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in addition to IP version 4 (IPv4)    
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including AXIS VAPIX and AXIS Media Control SDK. Flash memory for upload of embedded applications 


Height x Width x Depth = 42 x 140 x 155 mm (1.7 x 5.5 x 6.1")
Weight: 540 g (1.2 lbs) excluding power adapter

Axis 243SA Back_1206

Download the AXIS 243SA data sheet