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AXIS 212 PTZ Network Camera

AXIS 212 PTZ_0606

  • Pan, tilt and zoom with no moving parts     
  • Two-way audio support     
  • Power over Ethernet     
  • Simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 

Cost-efficient and reliable indoor surveillance 

The AXIS 212 PTZ Network Camera for cost-efficient and reliable indoor surveillance, offers instant one-click pan/tilt/zoom control with digital PTZ. The built-in two-way audio support enables remote users to not only view, but also listen in on an area and communicate orders or requests to visitors or intruders. 

Zoom in with exceptional clarity 

The AXIS 212 PTZ incorporates a high-quality 3 megapixel sensor and a wide-angle lens that allows the user to instantly zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity. This compact and discreet camera is ideal for monitoring shops, receptions, banks and other facilities where you need zoom in for detailed inspections. 

Tamper-proof mounting 

With no moving parts exposed to regular wear and tear, the camera is ideal for automatic patrolling. It also provides effective protection against tampering as no parts can be forcibly moved. 

Power over Ethernet 

Support for Power over Ethernet allows the camera to receive both data and power over a single Ethernet cable - which makes the installation easier and cheaper. If connected to a central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the camera can continue to operate even when there is a power failure. 

More features

  • Superior image quality with progressive scan     
  • 30 frames per second in VGA resolution (640x480 pixels)     
  • Powerful scheduled event management including video motion detection, audio detection, inputs/output for connecting e.g. external sensors and relays to activate light or open/close doors     
  • Image upload and notification over FTP, email and HTTP, with 9 MB pre- and post alarm buffering – approx. 5 min. of 320x240 video at 4 frames per sec.     
  • Time, date, text, a privacy mask or an image may be inserted in the video stream      
  • Network security using multi-level password protection, IP address filtering and HTTPS encryption     
  • SNMPv1/v2c/v3 (MIB-II) support for network management     
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including AXIS VAPIX and AXIS Media Control SDK. Flash memory for upload of embedded applications 


  • 140 degrees pan and 105 degrees tilt     
  • 3x instant zoom 

Download the AXIS 212 PTZ data sheet