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AXIS Outdoor Fixed Housing

AXIS ACH13HB Outdoor Housing 1005Weatherproof your Axis Network Cameras

The AXIS ACH13HB Outdoor Housing provides protection for Axis network cameras in both hot and cold climates. The housing was designed to meet IP65 standard of protection. 

The body is constructed of an attractive white finished aluminum with black end caps. The housing ships with a 24VAC heater and blower that enables the Axis network camera to operate in temperatures from –20° F to +120° F.

Product available for sale only in North and Central America.


  • Indoor and outdoor models 

  • IP65- rated protection 

  • 24 VAC heater and blower 

  • Side hinge for easy access when servicing 

 Type Product namePart No. Description
AXIS ACH13HB Outdoor Housing sm 1005

AXIS Outdoor Fixed Housing Part

24889 Outdoor housing including heater or blower; 24vac to 12vdc power supply; sunshield. For use with the AXIS 211 and AXIS 221 Network Cameras.
AXIS ACH13HB Outdoor Housing sm 1005

AXIS Indoor Fixed Housing

21899 Indoor housing with no electronics available. For use with the AXIS 210 Network Camera.