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IR Illuminators
Infrared light for indoor/outdoor surveillance in low light or complete darkness

Use the IR Illuminator in combination with the AXIS 213 PTZ, AXIS 221 Day & Night, AXIS 232D, AXIS 2420 – IR Sensitive version and AXIS 230 MPEG-2 network cameras in low-light or complete darkness and you'll have good quality images round the clock without attracting attention. 

The high quality IR Illuminator can be used in indoor and outdoor environments for both semi-covert and covert applications. The adjustable power settings offer the possibility to match the scene's requirements. 

The low power consumption of the illuminator's solid-state LEDs (light-emitting diodes) results in ultra-long lifetime and very low running cost. 


  • Improved image quality in low-light situations and in complete darkness    
  • Up to 98 feet/30 meters range with the AXIS 213 PTZ Network Camera, AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Camera, AXIS 232D Network Dome Camera, AXIS 2420 - IR Sensitive and AXIS 230 MPEG-2 Network Camera    
  • Automatic dawn/dusk power on/power off    
  • Semi-covert or completely covert models.   
  • Ultra-long lifetime (5+ years)    
  • Use indoors/outdoors (outdoor use requires a suitable outdoor power supply) 


  • Low-light surveillance, 24 hours/day - where light conditions are less than optimal.    
  • Discreet surveillance - where the use of artificial light is restricted.    
  • Covert surveillance - where the use of surveillance cameras should not be apparent. 
IR Illuminators Applications 1_0904IR Illuminators Applications 2_0904

Selection Guide:

Axis offers four different LED-based IR Illuminators, which emit infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye. The 850 nm models provide a better range than the 940 nm models. The 850 nm LEDs, however, display a faint red hue, while the 940 nm models do not.

Illuminator model
Range AXIS 213
Range AXIS 221
 Day & Night
Range AXIS 2420,
AXIS 230, AXIS 232D
ACC IR Illuminator
850nm 30º
66 feet
(20 m) 
171 feet
(52 m) 
98 feet
(30 m) 
ACC IR Illuminator
850nm 60º
52 feet
(16 m)
135 feet
(41 m)
82 feet
(25 m)
ACC IR Illuminator
940nm 20º
covert43 feet
(13 m)
86 feet
(26 m)
66 feet
(20 m)
ACC IR Illuminator
940nm 50º
covert33 feet
(10 m)
63 feet
(19 m)
49 feet
(15 m)

nm = nanometer wavelength of LED, light emitting diode

Download the AXIS IR Illuminators data sheet