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Videotec DBH24K Dome Housing 

Weatherproof your AXIS 213 PTZ Network Camera  

Videotec DBH24K Dome Housing_0904

Videotec DBH24K Dome Housing protects the AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras and AXIS 231D/232D Network Dome Cameras in outdoor environments, as well as in indoor conditions that may be humid, cold or dusty. 

The housing provides IP65-class protection from dust and water. With a protective outer sunshield and fan-assisted heating, the housing enables the camera to operate in temperatures ranging from +50 °C to –20 °C   (+122 °F to -4 °F). 

Designed to look like a traditional lighting system, the housing allows for discreet surveillance. Its lower semi-sphere covering comes in clear or semitransparent black acrylic glass (PMMA). The housing provides an internal protective passage for cables and is easy to install on ceilings and walls. 


  • The housing allows Axis network cameras to be used in outdoor and other harsh environments.     
  • IP65 classified – dust-tight and protection against water jets     
  • Temperature controlled heating ensures continued camera operation in cold weather conditions down to –20 °C (-4 °F) up to +50 °C (+122°F).     
  • Accessories needed: brackets for mounting on any surface (see list

Important notes:

  • The product should be installed according to local laws and regulation. It may require the use of a licensed electrician.  

  • The Videotec DBH24K Dome Housing cannot be used with the AXIS 213 CM Connection Module.