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AXIS 205 Network Camera

Live video from anywhere your network goes 
AXIS 205 Network Camera_0904  

The AXIS 205 is the world's smallest network camera. 
It's been specially designed for businesses and home users who want a remote monitoring product with high quality video streaming, easy to use features and an attractive price!

The AXIS 205 enables you to remotely view live video and manage the camera from anywhere in the world using any standard Web browser. Use it to monitor people and property, or to broadcast events or facilities.
With its own IP address and built-in Web server, the AXIS 205 doesn't require a direct connection to a PC. You can place the camera wherever your network goes.
The product's low price also means you can affordably install multiple AXIS 205 cameras in an area.


  • Small, compact size    
  • Superior image quality using Motion JPEG    
  • Built-in Web server    
  • Three different resolutions, up to 640x480    
  • Up to 30 frames/second in all resolution modes    
  • Supports up to 20 users simultaneously    
  • Easy setup using the new one-click installation method or the Windows-based AXIS IP Utility software    
  • Password-protection option to restrict viewing

Optional accessories:

  • Compatible with Axis' application software: 
    AXIS Camera Station (enables remote viewing and recording of video continuously, on schedule, on alarm and/or on motion detection), 
    AXIS Camera Recorder (enables remote viewing and recording functions based on schedule, alarm or on motion detection) and  
    AXIS Camera Explorer (for viewing features on a stationary PC or PDA running Pocket PC 2002/2003)
  • Wireless connectivity with 802.11g EZ Connect SMC2870W

As many uses as your imagination allows:

  • Monitor property, people or businesses
  • Keep an eye on reception areas, entrances or queues
  • Broadcast events or facilities, locally as well as over the Internet
  • Create your own "reality" show

System overview:

AXIS 205 Network Camera_2_0904The AXIS 205 Network Camera is so small and easy to use, you can place it virtually anywhere. It runs directly off your network, so unlike Webcams, you don't connect it to your computer. You simply connect the AXIS 205 to your network using a standard network cable. 

What you need: 

  • Regular straight Ethernet cable 
  • An available port on your hub or router  

Unlike Webcams, the AXIS 205 has its own IP address and a built-in Web server, so it does not require any additional software to operate. This allows it to send moving images through your router and right out on the Internet with no other hardware required. 

AXIS 205 Network Camera_3_0904 

The AXIS 205 supports up to 20 users simultaneously. You can even add password protection to restrict viewing. By using applications such as AXIS Camera Explorer or AXIS Camera Recorder, you can view multiple cameras simultaneously, record video and much more. 


The AXIS 205 Network Camera is ideal for remote viewing and live broadcasting.    

  • Keep an eye on property, people or business operations. 
  • Set up multiple cameras more conveniently and affordably than with Webcams. 
  • View live video from any location locally or through the Internet. 
  • Show off your office or products to customers over the Internet.

Technical data:

The AXIS 205 provides high quality video for remote monitoring over LAN and the Internet. The camera has a built-in Web server and does not require any additional hardware or software to operate.

Technical specifications:

  • Built-in Web server 
  • Network, RJ45: 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet networks 
  • Motion-JPEG based compression 
  • Three different resolutions: 640x480, 320x240 and 160x120 
  • Up to 30 frames per second in all resolution modes 
  • Lens: 4 mm, F2.0, Fixed Iris 
  • Illumination: 10–10.000 lux 
  • Linux based 
  • Up to 20 simultaneous users 
  • Size: 55 mm x 34 mm x 85 mm (2.17" x 1.34" x 3.35") 
  • Weight: 177 g (6.24 oz) (incl. camera stand) 
  • Operating environment: 5°- 40° C (41°-104° F) 
  • Power Supply: 5.1 VDC/2A ( included) 20927/EN/R1/0309 

System requirements:

Note: These specifications apply to the use of browser-based viewing. If you're using an application software, please refer to the specifications provided with the software. 

  • Most Windows versions (such as Win98, Win2000 and XP), Linux*, UNIX*, Mac OS*, Mac OS X* 
  • Browsers: Most versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla*, Opera* 
  • PC hardware: Meeting the specification for selected operating system and browser. 

*Limitations in functionality may occur 

Prerequisites to monitor images over the Internet:

  • Broadband connection, such as cable or DSL** 
  • An ISP providing outbound traffic 
  • A router supporting port forwarding 
  • When using multiple cameras, it is beneficial to have a router providing port mapping 

** Static IP address is recommended