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Bi-Directional IP Software Codec for Windows 

Use any Laptop or PC equipped with a 10/100 LAN Interface and a Direct Sound compatible sound card to connect to another PC running AudioStar or to a NetStar/RoadStar over ADSL, DSL, or Cable Modem IP networks


AudioStar is: 

  • Affordable - AudioStar will run on your existing, properly equipped PC, with no need to purchase additional hardware!  
  • Portable - AudioStar can run on a laptop PC so you can take it to remote locations!  
  • Easy to use - Like NetStar, AudioStar has an auto-detect algorithm built right in - when you place or receive an IP connection, AudioStar recognizes the coding algorithm used, and can automatically change your settings to match! Can't get much easier than that.  
  • Versatile - Send incredibly high-quality audio transmission over ADSL, DSL, or Cable Modem IP networks without the need of a hardware codec.  
  • Convenient - Connect across IP networks like an Ethernet and link studios or workstations across your organization in a snap!  
  • Powerful - Multicast across a VPN to multiple locations running AudioStar, NetStar or RoadStar. 

Hardware Requirements

If your PC can connect to the Internet, it is compatible with AudioStar. It comes with hardware USB dongle, which is required to run AudioStar unrestricted. AudioStar can be used on any Laptop or PC equipped with a 10/100 LAN Interface and a Direct SoundTM compatible sound card. AudioStar is compatible with all NetStar and RoadStar hardware codecs over IP. You can use either the standard sound card that comes built in to your Laptop/PC, or you can purchase a professional grade sound card to give you the same performance as hardware codecs.

Sound Card Requirements

The sound card must support full-duplex audio, which is the ability to play and record simultaneously (most sound cards do this). Check that the card operates at a decent sample rate - 44.1kHz is fine and 48kHz is ideal. The sound card must be Direct SoundTM compatible. Most of the sound cards available are. The card should be capable of good quality recording and playback - The sound through the AudioStar software will only be as good as the sound card you are using. Firewire, USB, PCMCIA, and PCI cards are all compatible as long as they meet the requirements stated above.

Coding Algorithms

AudioStar contains the standard algorithms MPEG 1 and 2 Layer 2, MPEG 2 Layer 3, MPEG 2 & 4 AAC, MPEG 4 AAC Low Delay, G.722, and Uncompressed PCM Linear Audio for increased flexibility and audio quality. 

Download the AudioStar data sheet