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Access Bank I

Access Bank I/TR-08

Operational Description

The Access Bank® I is an economical, compact, remote terminal for converting T1 digital access services to 12 or 24 individual analog telephone circuits. The design incorporates an integrated CSU, which allows customers to plug in a T1 line without having to connect other peripheral devices. Six different types of 12-channel and 4+8 channel telephone line interface circuit cards provide a wide variety of analog line services such as FXS, FXSDN, SPOTS, PLARD, BRFXS, FXO, DPO, DPT, E&M, and TO. The Access Bank I operates with high-speed modems and automatically adapts to different line conditions, providing a clear, echo-free transmission path.

Designed to minimize deployment times, the Access Bank I has all configuration information on the case, DIP switches for configuration settings, and self-test routines to ensure that all circuits are working before leaving the site. Installation times are often no more than 30 minutes. In-service maintenance capabilities include hot-swap line cards, line channel LEDs and fuseless protection of all interfaces. A remote management option, with WindowsÆ GUI software and a built-in modem are available.

The Access Bank I is installed for economical local or long distance T1 service delivery, modem pool connections to T1, branch office connections, and the rapid deployment of temporary telephone services. Systems integrators use Access Bank Is to convert T1 equipment to a variety of analog serviceÝconnections for applications such as frame relay and IP telephony, computer telephony integration (CTI), and voice port expansion of T1 digital switches. 

The Access Bank I/TR-08 option offers a direct digital T1 connection to Class 5 local switch interfaces, eliminating the need for analog conversion of line connections at carrier central offices. The Access Bank I/TR-08 T1 signaling can be provisioned as physically separate A, B, C, or D shelves. Unlike trunk-side T1 switch connections, TR-08 line-side connections provide full CLASS® features to customer phone lines via the Access Bank I/TR-08. 

Access Bank I Features and Advantages



Set up and testing with DIP switches and printed instructions on the case

Provisioning or service with technical Training (often 30 minutes or less)

Low power consumption with -48 VDC inputes and A.C. charge

Economical eight hour battery backup option increases service availability

Automatic line balance

Optimizes 56k modem performance

Full power ringing

Compatible with customer key system & PBXs

Long loop range

Supports on-and off-premises wiring

Supports CLASS features

Enables complete local service options

TR-08 software option

Direct connection to line side switch interfaces

Compact size, one rack unit

Saves space in wall or rack mountedÝservice installations

Fuseless line protection,fanless cooling and solid-state signaling

Increases service availability andÝreduces truck rolls

Optional Installation Kit

Speedway Installation Kit (for Access Bank or Access Exchange units) 

Your installation is literally a snap. This Kit uses locking tabs and pins, versus screws, to install up to two Access Bank or Access Exchange units. Customer installation tests have shown up to a 75% reduction in installation time, as well as up to a 45% smaller footprint.

Technical Specifications


T1 terminates 1.536Mbps of usable bandwidth
Fully integrated intelligent CSUs support diagnostic functions and DS1 or DSX-1 signal levels from 0 to -30dB
D4 (SF), ESF framing and SLC-96 framing with TR-08 option. AMI or
B8ZS line coding.
Clock source is internal Enhanced Stratum 4 (master) or synchronized to
T1 line
Bellcore® TR-08 shelf A, B, C or D function (TR-08 option) 

Analog Interfaces 

FXS 12-channel card - Supports CLASS features, such as distinctive ringing and caller ID. Provides loop-start, ground-start, E&M signaling conversion and calling party disconnect.
BRFXS/DPO 12-channel card - Operates as a Battery Reversal FXS loop-start card (BRFXS) or a Dial Pulse Origination (DPO) card. Supports CLASS features, such as distinctive ringing and caller ID
FXO/DPT 12-channel card - Operates in FXO loop or ground start signaling or Dial Pulse Terminate (DPT) signaling. CLASS features are supported. Provides E&M signaling conversion and calling party disconnect.
4 FXO + 8 FXS - Supports 4 FXO/DPT circuits and 8 FXS circuits as described above.
4-Wire E&M/TO 12-channel card - Supports signaling types I, II, IV or V.
Uses up to four signaling and transmission pairs per channel (E/M, SG/SB, T/R and TI/RI)
2-Wire E&M/TO 12-channel card - Supports signaling types I, II, IV or V.
Uses up to three signaling and transmission pairs per channel (E/M, SG/SB and T/R).
Full compatibility with V.34 (33.6Kbps) and V.90 (56Kbps) modems.
Patented automatic two-wire analog impedance adjustment adapts to various modems and line lengths. 


Front panel T1 test switches and status LEDs
Back panel analog channel option, test switches, and status LEDs show red, yellow, green line status
Built-in T1 self test and telephone line ringing and tone tests 


Optional alarm dial-out notification over integrated modem attached to PSTN line (remote management option)
External alarm contact for visible or audible alarms using pair 25 of line connector 


FCC Part 68, CS-03 listed - telephone line interfaces
FCC Part 15, Class A Radiated Emissions Control
NRTL safety listed: UL 1459, CSA
National Electrical Code 1996 safety requirements 


-48 VDC @ 1A input from battery source
Optional 115Vac/75W power converter (P/N 730-0124)
Optional 220Vac/50Hz to -48Vdc converter module for international applications (P/N 730-0083)
Solid-state (fuseless) overvoltage and overcurrent protection 

CPEBattery Backup System 

Optional 120Vac to -48Vdc power converter/battery charger (P/N 730-0116) and battery unit (P/N 730-0114) for up to eight hours of uninterruptible power protection 


Normal operating temperature: 32ƒ F to 122ƒ F (0ƒ to 50ƒ C)
Solid-state over-temperature protection
Relative humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing 


Dimensions: 17" x 17.75" x 1.75" (43.2cm x 45.1cm x 4.5cm)
Weight: 14.5 lbs. (6.6 kg) fully loaded
Power converter/battery charger unit: 4" x 5" x 3.25", 6 lbs.
Battery backup unit: 17" x 6.25" x 3", 30 lbs.
Flush wall mount, desktop, or 19" rack mount (multi-function brackets included)
24 units can be mounted in a 7ft., 23" standard rack
Optional heavy-duty 19" (P/N 710-0041) or 23" (P/N 710-0130) rack mounting brackets with adjustable front-to-back offset
Optional Trimount bracket for wall mounting of three Access Banks and power converters (P/N 710-0002)
Optional Speedway™ Installation Kit (P/N 710-0007)