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Wide Bank 28/CAP Overview

The Wide Bank 28 now provides Cisco Systems AccessPath TS3 and VS3 customers a direct upgrade to DS3 service in their model 531 dial cabinets.

The Wide Bank 28/CAP multiplexer kit is especially designed and provisioned for installation in Cisco Systems Model 531 cabinets for upgrade to DS3 service in the AccessPath TS3 and VS3 systems.

Kits are available for both AC and DC powered configurations. All required cables for DS3 upgrade are supplied with the kits.

The plug and play architecture will allow Cisco customers to quickly install and turn up high speed network connection to their TS3 or VS3 cabinets.

Wide Bank 28/CAP Features 

The Access Path TS3 and VS3 Model 531 standard density is designed to accommodate up to two integrated Wide Bank 28/CAP DS3 multiplexers for the North American market that will replace the DS1 patch panel. The Wide Bank 28/CAP provides immediate upgrade for a DS3 network connection into the Access Path.

The Wide Bank 28/CAP is delivered provisioned for direct installation into the Model 531 cabinet. All associated cables for DS3 upgrade are included to provide quick and simple plug and play installation and turn up.  

The Wide Bank 28/CAP facilitates a full blown dial capacity of 14 dial shelves inside a single model 531 cabinet, and for customers with greater traffic demands, two Wide Bank 28 installed in the same cabinet will support up to 56 PRIs over two DS3 links.

With the cost of DS3 circuits continuing to decline, Access Path customers find that purchasing a Wide Bank 28/CAP provides them with a return on investment in less than two months over 28 individual T1s on most North American DS3 circuits. Users will now have the option of direct DS3 connectivity to their Access Path customers. 

Wide Bank 28/CAP Ordering Information

The Wide Bank 28/CAP ready kit is available for both AC and DC powered Model 531 systems.

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Wide Bank 28/CAP (AC Kit)


Wide Bank 28/CAP (DC Kit)