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Wide Bank™ 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer


Operational Description

The Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer cost-effectively delivers T1 service connections from SONET STS-1 electrical interfaces. This addition to the proven Wide Bank family offers new capabilities in high-bandwidth access technology, building on the advanced features of the Wide Bank 28 DS3 Access Multiplexer.

The Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer reduces the overall cost of deploying T1 services at carrier switch, co-location, and on-net building locations. Carriers deploying high-capacity OC-48, OC-3 OC-12 SONET ADMs in metropolitan networks find that it is not cost effective to fill these newÝhigh-capacity ADMs with low-speed T1 cards. The Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer eliminates the expense of transmuxing DS3 over SONET and the problem of stranded bandwidth capacity within the SONET shelf, while greatly decreasing the cost per T1 connection provided to customers. High-capacity SONET ADMs and digital radios can be more economically deployed to provide T1 services.

Using only one rack unit of space, the Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer optimizes valuable space in central office, co-location, or digital loop carrier cabinets. Up to 588 T1 service connections can be equipped in a 7-foot rack by using the Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer with the vertical mounting option. Please contact AIRLINX for rack applications and configurations. Services can be added in scalable quad T1 increments, suiting applications from small outside cabinets to large switching centers.

The Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer offers SNMP, Telnet, and TL1 management and monitoring to the VT1.5 tributary-based DSX-1 services, enabling carriers to gain the cost and management advantages of STS-1 interconnections in a very compact, scalable network product.

Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer Features and Advantages

Low-cost T1 deployment at POPs


T1 port-relief and capacity expansions at wiring centers and central office switches

Eliminates need for transmux


Low-cost connection between SONET and asynchronous networks without expensive DCS

Modular design


Deployment of 4 to 28 T1s in one rack unit space from STS-1 connections

STS-1 electronic and network protection

Maximize service availability

Advanced diagnostics

Built-in service monitoring and testing with SNMP, Telnet and TL1

NEBS Level 3 Compliant

Central office and co-location deployments