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Channel Banks

Channel Banks

Channel banks and multiplexers are typically used to break out or aggregate various DS-0 (64 Kbps) or DS-1 (1.544 Mbps) level signals for voice and data use from higher capacity digital circuits. Both copper and fiber media may be supported depending on the application.

Wide Bank™ 28 Family Products

The Wide Bank 28 product family offers a very high level of hardware and software integration, designed to integrate feature values and maintenance capabilities, while dramatically reducing equipment size, power, cost, and installation labor.

The Wide Bank 28 DS3 Multiplexer is a highly-integrated M13 standard multiplexer for connecting T1 or E1 equipment to high-bandwidth T3 digital circuits, providing up to 28 T1 or 21 E1 connections for voice and high-speed data services. The Wide Bank 28 STS-1 Access Multiplexer cost-effectively delivers T1 service connections from SONET STS-1 electrical interfaces (ECI).

The Wide Bank 28/CAP answers the needs faced by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for increased data bandwidth. The Wide Bank 28/CAP is easily integrated with Cisco Systems' AccessPath TS3 and VS3 Model 531 product family as a DS3 solution.