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Products ATM Muxes & Channel Banks Fiber Optic Modems IMC Interface Modules for MACS4000
IMC | Interface Modules for MACS4000

Modular Copper Interface Modules offer a high variety and flexibility for CM-G, OM-F and CC-F 

IMC Interface Modules for MACS4000_1106 

Product Specifications:

  • IM-C/S-FEBR: Fast Ethernet bridge, 10/100BaseTx with VLAN support, Auto
    sensing (full and half duplex) and Auto crossing MDI/MDI-X
  • IM-C/S-X211: X.21 support, DB-15 connector, n x 64 kbps support
  • IM-C/S-V35W: V.35 interface, Winchester connector, n x 64 kbps support
  • X.21, V.and Ethernet bridge modules for CM-G, OM-F and CC-F rack mount cards
  • Upgrade your existing product hardware to support different applications
  • Effective stock keeping due to full customer modularity
  • Let existing products grow with technology trends
  • Easy to assemble