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ATM MultiSwitch

ATM MultiSwitchThe modular ATM "MultiSwitch" was designed in joint cooperation with a renowned manufacturer of ATM routers.  MultiSwitch devices allow simultaneous communication of several voice and/or data channels via an optical media, or using optical radio relay systems.  Communication is possible via company-owned singlemode as well as multimode optical fiber.  Particular emphasis has been placed on modularity to maximize flexibility, while protecting the network infrastructure investment.  The result is the ATM MultiSwitch 30/xM.  This multiple use access system offers many switching possibilities: Ethernet, Token Ring 16, G.703 and ISDN.  Which of the link interfaces will be used is defined by the selected software application and the user requirements.  The ATM-MultiSwitch is either a fully integrated desktop model (including power supply) or alternatively a 19" MultiRack model.


Application 1: Connection via optical freespace transmission  


Application 2: Freespace transmission as a backup solution

Interface Modules 

In its base platform, the ATM MultiSwitch provides a 25.6 Mbps interface.  Switching between LINK and ports is done via three modular interface cards that take over the routing and switching functions.  The minimum delay caused by the switch is 10.8 mmsec.  Three levels of priority (high, medium, low) are provided for data transport to assure prioritization of traffic.

The plug-in software module determines the bandwidth of the LINK interface which is a standard 25.6 Mbps for the ATM MultiSwitch.  By means of extension modules, additional types of interfaces can be used: SDH/SONET 155 Mbps single or multimode fiber and balanced  cat. 5 cable, DS-3/45 Mbps, E-3/34 Mbps, as well as E1/T1 2 Mbps/1.5 Mbps.

User Interfaces

Ethernet/Fast Ethernet 
The ATM MultiSwitch has two switch ports for 10 Mbps Ethernet (twisted pair with RJ45 plugs, full and half-duplex).  The connected variant is detected automatically (autodetect).  Ethernet frames are transmitted via ATM AAL5. 

In addition to the Ethernet ports, two 2-Mbps E1/T1 interfaces (four-wire, RJ 45) are provided for connection of private telecommunications switching systems (PABX).  E1/T1 data are transported via ATM AAL1. Narrowband ISDN D channel support is provided.  For supporting the distribution of a synchronous clock via an ATM network, the ATM MultiSwitch offers two procedures: SRTS (synchronous residual time stamp) or adaptive clock recovery.  The set up of a synchronous network is supported by distributed clock routing. 

Network Management
As an option, the ATM MultiSwitch offers full SNMP functionality with all important standard and private MIBs.  Thus, all authorized SNMP network management stations can make configuration changes.  Inband as well as Outband management is supported.  

The ATM MultiSwitch is configurable for most every network application...

Reasonable in price and modular architecture... a wide range of applications.  By using 2 ATM rings with its two ATM ports, the ATM MultiSwitch can provide line redundancy and higher network stability.   

Flexibility with regard to applicable ATM interfaces makes it suitable for switching public ATM networks as well as private ATM backbone structures. 

The ATM MultiSwitch is particularly effective as an access device for Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs.)  It can be used as an active node in the network to provide the customer with an Ethernet or ISDN interface, or as an ATM access device for customers requiring a more powerful means of access - the ATM MultiSwitch is the appropriate system in any case.


Flexible and conforms to standards...

Cellpack Full-LAN emulation functionality is guaranteed for Ethernet connections according to ATM forum version 1.0 (version 2.0 in development) as well as UNI/NNI signaling according to Q 2931 and UNI version 3.0 or 3.1 (version 4.0 in development).  LAN emulation functions such as LES, BUS and LECS are also provided. 

Optional support of MPOA meeting ATM Forum requirements is in the planning phase and will be realized in the 2nd software generation. 

In phase 1, CES (Circuit Emulation Services) will be provided for E1/T1 applications meeting the specifications defined in the VTOA workshop (voice and telephony over ATM) of the ATM Forum.  Succeeding generations will integrate B-ISDN and N-ISDN for voice services under VTOA with ATM trunking for narrowband services.  This will allow an even more flexible and efficient use of E1/T1 channels. 

ATM MultiSwitch Cellpacks

Data Sheet

Switched Ethernet 
Type: 10/100BaseT, autodetect 
Standard: IEEE 802.3x (10BaseT/100BaseT4) 
Number of ports: 2
Connector: RJ45

System parameters 
Processor: i960Jx 33 MHz 
System bus width: 8/16/32 bit 
Program memory: 8 MB FLASH, in-circuit prog. 
Main memory max.: 32 MB 
Battery backup RAM max.: 512 KB 

E1 Type: 2 Mbps, G.703/G.704 
Standard: ISO/IEC 8877 
Number of ports: 2 
Connector: RJ45, 120 ohm 

Extension interface 
Technology: TranSwitch CellBus 
Data bus width: 32 bit 
Data rate: > 1 Gbps

Module parameters 
Weight: 2.5 kg 
Relative humidity: + 30% bis + 80% 
Operating temperature: + 5ƒC bis + 50ƒC 
Operating voltage: +5 VDC 
Current consumption: 8 A (typical) 
Chassis: 19" Rack, 1RU 

Pricing and Ordering Information 

25/155 Mbps ATM-based MultiSwitch for 20/xxxx or 155/xxxx Series  
DescriptionSKU #Price
Integrated ATM/Ethernet Switch with 2 Uplink Ports (ATM 155 or 25, SONET/SDH, E3, T3, E1, T1, ADSL), 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports (Auto-negotiate) and 2 x E1/T1 Portsx/xxx-x/xxx-ATM-MUXCall
Integrated ATM/Ethernet Switch with 2 Uplink Ports (ATM 25 or 155, SONET/SDH, E3, T3, E1, T1, ADSL), 2 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports (Auto-negotiate) and 8 x E1/T1 Portsx/xxx-x/xxx-ATM-MUX-E1/T1Call

Additional Tele and Data Communications Hardware for Mono/MultiLink Systems 

TDM-based multiplexer solutions for 20/xxxx series   
DescriptionSKU #Price
E1/T1 Fiber Optic Modem FHT-E1 or T1-ST-MM-850-RJ45-xxxCall
LightHouse Multiplexer (up to 4 E1/T1)LH-E1orT1-Y-ST-MM-850-RJ45-xxxCall
LANMUX (full-duplex Ethernet/10BaseT and up to 4 E1/T1)LANMUX-10BASET-E1 or T1-Y-ST-MM-850-xxxCall

TDM-based multiplexer solutions for 155/xxxx series   

DescriptionSKU #Price 
E3/T3 Fiber Optic ModemFHT-E3 or T3-ST-MM-1300-BNC-xxxCall
OptoMux Multiplexer EMUX series (fixed 16 x T1/E1), 19" rackmountable and manageable system.  Rack base system.EMUX-T1 or E1-ST-MM-1300-RJ45-xxxCall
OptoMux Multiplexer FME series (universal protocol multiplexer solution with 6 x T1/E1, Ethernet,  V.35), 19" rackmountable and manageable system.  Stackable up to 4 units.  Rack base system.FME-ST-MM-1300-xxxCall
E1 interface module for FME seriesIM-FME-G.703-E1Call
T1 interface module for FME seriesIM-FME-G.703-T1Call
Ethernet interface module for FME series IM-FME-10BaseTCall
V.35 interface module for FME series (DB-25)IM-FME-V.35-DB25Call
V.35 interface module for FME series (Winchester)IM-FME-V.35-WINCall
X.21 interface module for FME series


HDSL interface module for FME series



xxx denotes voltage.  Specify 110 or 220 VAC.  12 to 72 VDC available on special request.  Other network interfaces available on special request.