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Gigabit Ethernet Switches

LANs and provide high-speed interdepartmental connectivity. Both fiber and Enhanced Category 5 (Cat. 5e) cable media are supported.

WaveSwitch 9200 

WaveSwitch 9202

WaveSwitch 9224

Featured Product

The WaveSwitch 9224 is a Fast Ethernet standalone workgroup switch with 24 10/100 ports and two optional gigabit ports. Built on a powerful, non-blocking switch fabric, the WaveSwitch 9224 delivers the features that network managers need in order to conserve precious bandwidth and improve traffic flow.


Creation of VLAN based on protocol type automatically
Built-in management software
Traffic enhancing capabilitites using IP routing, Quality of Service traffic classes, and IP Multicast
The WaveSwitch 9224 chassis part number is PTP800A.