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Wide Bank 28

Wide Bank 28_1206 

Carrier-Quality T1/E1 Service Delivery Platform

The Wide Bank® 28/DS3 and /STS-1 multiplexers help carriers balance capital and operational expenses and space limitations while ensuring reliability and performance. Compact in size with best-in-breed protection and redundancy, Wide Bank is the preferred port-maximizing platform for T1 service delivery from a variety of DS3 or STS-1 equipped devices such as SONET Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs), voice switches, data switches and wireless radios. The Wide Bank 28 helps carriers meet the high-availability requirements of today’s critical service needs while also delivering more control and capacity in less space than competitive offerings – at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The USDA Technical Standards Committee has granted Rural Utilities Service (RUS) product acceptance for use to the Wide Bank 28. 

Download the Wide Bank28 data sheet - PDF Version

Download the Wide Bank28 DS3 data sheet - PDF Version

Download the WideBank Series data sheet - PDF Version