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Multi-Service Broadband Access and Bandwidth Aggregation

By deploying the BROADway™ and moving intelligence to the edge of the backhaul network, service providers can reduce or eliminate costly leased T1/E1 circuits, free up stranded bandwidth and consolidate traffic onto a fewer number of mobile switch interfaces. The BROADway delivers a wide range of voice and data services over NxT1/E1, DS3/E3, or SONET/SDH and functions as a SONET/SDH Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM), VT/TU-level switch, IP access router, 1/0 Digital Cross-connect System (DCS), 1/3 multiplexer (M13) and ATM access switch. Designed to meet the rigorous requirements faced by wireless carriers, the BROADway can also be deployed in wireline and enterprise applications that benefit from its high level of availability, flexibility and scalability.