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T1/E1 Backhaul and Narrowband Access Concentration

The MASTERseries™ platform offers unparalleled functionality for cell site integrated access and narrowband access concentration applications. Unlike single function network equipment, the MASTERseries offers the reliability and flexibility needed to meet the unique needs of wireless service providers while expanding network coverage and ensuring quality customer service. It provides an adaptable T1/E1 backhaul networking solution possessing a multi-service feature set to meet the challenging needs of networks in transition. The flexible MASTERseries platform also supports rapid deployment of new sites and services, making it a complete solution for cell and hub site networking for wireless carriers. 

The new FLEXmaster™8 Module for the MASTERseries platform provides wireless mobile transport networking solutions for voice and data T1 integrated access; wireless cell site traffic grooming, concentration, backhaul and LAN extension. The FLEXmaster8 functions as an 8-T1 micro-DCS and multi-link T1 DSU/CSU with router and features the powerful Carrier Access FLEXengine™ processor for ATM-based transport migration. 

Download the MASTERseries Platform data sheet - PDF Version