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Axxius 800 Platform

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Consolidated Functionality and Performance for Cell Site Access

The Axxius® 800 Access Integration Platform defines a new level of functionality, cost-effectiveness and performance for access needs at cell sites, Mobile Telephone Switching Offices (MTSOs), customer premises and Multi-tenant Units (MTUs). The Axxius 800 integrates multiple access and bandwidth management functions into one modular platform that delivers transport, edge routing and bandwidth 3/1/0 grooming intelligence to network access points. This eliminates bandwidth under-utilization and costly inefficiencies between Central Offices (COs) or wireless cell site radios, periphery equipment and the high-speed carrier edge and core networks.

The new QuadFLEX™ DS1/E1 Service Card for the Axxius® 800 features the powerful Carrier Access FLEXengine™ processor and provides improved backhaul transport optimization, statistical multiplexing and inter-working functions that consolidates 2/2.5G, location-based services, remote management, and future 3G Node B equipment over a truly optimized backhaul transport. 

Download the Axxius 800 Platform data sheet - PDF Version