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Adit 600 Customer Media Gateway (CMG)

Adit 600 Customer Media Gateway_1206

Carrier-grade VoIP Gateway

The Adit® 600 CMG carrier-grade VoIP gateway enables high-capacity, converged IP service delivery with multi-T1/E1 access while supporting a TDM to IP migration strategy for service providers and end user. Configured with either the CMG or CMG-02 Service Card, the Adit 600 delivers carrier-class hosted PBX and IP Centrex and data services. The Adit 600's unique ability to simultaneously support traditional TDM and IP services enables a planned and seamless migration to IP voice, video, and data services, while preserving investments in existing infrastructure. Field proven with extensive interoperability experience, Carrier Access and our industry-leading gateway and softswitch partners work together to deliver a seamless migration to access advanced IP services. 

The USDA Technical Standards Committee has granted Rural Utilities Service (RUS) product acceptance for use to the Adit 600 Customer Media Gateway.

Download the Adit 600 Platform data sheet - PDF Version