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Adit 3500 Series

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Adit 3500 Trunk Gateway

The Adit® 3000 series of IP Business Gateways are a new breed of access platforms designed to deliver carrier- hosted voice and data services at a disruptive price with unmatched performance.

The Adit 3500 integrates the features of a trunk gateway, high-performance router, and stateful firewall with flexible WAN options. It replaces multiple elements at the customer premises that typically provide routing, security, and trunk gateway functions — offering a powerful blend of speed, security, data and voice. Additionally a 4 FXS option provides connectivity for analog fax and modems. This single platform offers scalability and high-performance for Internet and IP access, LAN-to-LAN connectivity over private and public networks, and Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX trunk service applications.