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Adit 3302 Series

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Adit 3302 Multi-service Router

The Adit® 3302 Multi-Service Routers with voice are a new breed of access routers that delivers converged voice and secure IP access to the enterprise at a disruptive price and unmatched performance. The Adit 3302 delivers speed, security, and scalability for integrated voice and data services, secure Internet access, web hosting, private IP services, LANto- LAN connectivity, storage, and telephony applications – all in a single platform.

The Adit 3000 series integrates and consolidates the features of an integrated access device,T1 CSU/DSU, mini-DCS, highperformance router, and stateful firewall into a single element at an unmatched price/performance ratio without sacrificing speed or security. Its scalability on telephony, LAN, and WAN interfaces make it an ideal device for Small- to Medium-sized Business (SMB) locations with expanding voice and data needs. A comprehensive feature set, including integrated security, allows a single device to protect corporate network assets. The latest IP network processor technology enables a rich and easily expandable feature set that supports high-performance real-world applications for enterprises and service providers alike. One Adit 3302 will grow with a business’ needs through three different performance classes of traditional routers to 100 Kpps.