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Embedded Management Intelligence  

  • at every level of management    
  • at every point in the network 

Standard management tools, such as TELNET, SNMP, and CLI are provided on all networking products from Telco Systems.

The Company's InterNetworking OS, called BiNOS, supports administrators with performance information and configuration tools for it family of IP switch products including T5 Compact, T5Pro, T6Pro, T-Metro and T-Marc.

BiNOS makes network management easy and intuitive by offering a complete range of command-line and graphical system management tools. Built around open SNMP standards, based on portable Java technology, these powerful tools integrate seamlessly with your existing network management toolkit. BiNOS is supported in the following hardware products:

NetBeacon ESP is a workstation-based EMS designed to monitor and manage Metrobility network devices. NetBeacon ESP provides a user friendly, graphical point-and-click interface to provision, monitor and manage chassis-based and remotely managed products. NetBeacon ESP supports hundreds of Metrobility® chassis across a geographically dispersed network.
Authorized users can manage each Metrobility device from any designated NetBeacon ESP management station to provision services, monitor performance, and respond to alarms.

WebBeacon, a web-based mid-level management system, allows users to monitor link connections, environmental conditions, port activity and status, chassis temperature and voltage - one chassis at a time - via an Internet browser.

BiNOSCenter sm_1206

BiNOSCenter Telco Systems NMS

NetBeacon ESP sm_1206

NetBeacon ESP
Ethernet Services Provisioning and Element Management

WebBeacon sm_1206

Superior Web-based Network Management