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Metrobility R643

10/100Mbps AutoTwister®

Metrobility R643_1206

Metrobility's 10/100 AutoTwister® provides versatile connectivity for evolving network infrastructures being upgraded from existing 10Mbps copper-based networks to 100Mbps fiber networks. The AutoTwister provides media conversion and 10/100 rate adaption in a single unit, extending copper-based networks up to 100km over singlemode fiber. Now you can achieve all the features of 100Mbps fiber, such as distance and security, while minimizing costs in a mixed media environment. 

Speed Flexibility
As a rate adapter, the card auto-negotiates from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, allowing existing 10Mbps devices to communicate over a 100Mbps backbone. This allows network administrators to retain existing 10Mbps devices while upgrading segments of the network as needed. As a media converter, the card also supports mixed media networks by enabling copper-to-fiber as well as fiber-to-fiber media conversion. 

Remote Troubleshooting
All models incorporate Link Loss Return (LLR) and selected models also offer Metrobility's Auto-Recovery and Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF) features to enable troubleshooting remote locations. LLR stops sending link pulses from the transmit port when link pulses are not being received. Auto-Recovery, used in conjunction with LLR, enables the card to restart the fiber link after a link loss event without a costly troubleshooting trip. 

Additional features include shared network segment isolation, and auto-negotiation of full and half duplex configurations. Bi-directional Wavelength Division Multiplexing (BWDM) is also available to utilize a single strand of fiber to send and receive a two different wavelengths, doubling the capacity of the fiber (refer to Metrobility BWDM datasheet). 

The AutoTwister is available for Radiance chassis platforms and as a standalone unit to provide seamless connectivity with all major switch and router manufacturers. It offers a cost-effective solution for fiber connectivity in copper switches to lower the cost per port without sacrificing function.

Download the Metrobility R643 data sheet - PDF Version