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Metrobility R133

100 Mbps Interface Line Cards

Metrobility R133_1206

Metrobility's Ethernet and Fast Ethernet interface products offer versatile speed, media, distance, and redundancy options to cost-effectively distribute fiber optic connections. These units provide seamless connectivity within the LAN, or between the LAN and public or private networks. The devices are available as a preconfigured 10Mbps unit, a selectable 10 or 100Mbps unit, a preconfigured 100Mbps unit, or an autonegotiating 10/100Mbps unit.1 

These mixed-media devices offer seamless integration of copper and fi ber connections providing full signal restoration for accurate data transmission and maximum cable length support. Single mode-to-multimode fi ber conversion also provides distance extension capabilities which enable network builders to leverage existing multimode infrastructure while taking advantage of the distance capabilities of singlemode fiber. Metrobility Ethernet and Fast Ethernet devices are available as interface line cards or standalone units for flexibile integration into your network. 

The interface line cards are supported in all Metrobility's Radiance chassis and can be managed when configured with a management card. DC versions of the R5000 and R1000 are NEBS certified. The R200 and R400 are standalone chassis that also can be rackmounted either as single units or two units. The standalone options utilize a rugged fabrication to offer superior reliability for the most demanding environments. Each standalone is equipped with an external, universal AC power supply.


  • Singlemode SC, ST and LC  
  • Multimode SC, ST and LC  
  • 2km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 40km, 70km and 100km options  
  • Supports half-duplex or full-duplex  
  • Link Loss Carry Forward (LLCF)  
  • Remote Loopback  
  • Signal re-timing  
  • MDI-II and MDI-X switch on all twisted pair ports  
  • BWDM doubles the fiber capacity on existing fiber cables