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Ultra-Compact High-Density Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation/Distribution Routing Switch

Access T5C-24G_1206

BATM/Telco Systems' T5 Compact Gigabit Ethernet Routing Switch provides an optimal solution for Gigabit Ethernet Intelligent Layer 3 Aggregation and Distribution services.The T5 Compact's super-efficient size (only 1RU in height), includes not only the capacity of physically larger backbone routing switches, but also the economy offered by workgroup switches. 

T5 Compact 24G supports 24 Gigabit Ethernet plug-in (SFP) ports plus 4 Dual PHY fixed 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet ports. T5C-24G supports either AC or DC feeds. 
The T5 Compact Routing Switch is the optimal platform for service providers for many aspects. The T5C-24G capabilities provide the required solution for many application needs, from the Metro Core arena to the Metro edge and enterprise boundaries, either serving as the aggregation and/or distribution layer in a Metro application or as a core device in medium and small Metro access and enterprise networks. Users can benefit from its perfect compatibility to standards (for flawless interoperability), its smooth upgradeability and scalability options with versatile interface types, and feature-rich capabilities that allow the service provider to provide any IP-driven service from a single unique platform. 

Copper Gigabit Ethernet provides cost-effective high-speed uplink and cascading 
capabilities. Plug-able miniGBIC (SFP) optical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces allow network extension over large distances. Various fiber interfaces for both MM (SX), SM long-haul and extra long-haul optics, Bi-directional (single fiber usage) and CWDM modules are supported. 

New Age networks demand performance, reliability, security, and connectivity. BiNOS (BATM/Telco Systems Inter Networking Operating System) provides the robust administration, management, QoS, and security performance requirements of enterprise networks by supporting a wide breadth of IEEE standards and industry conventions, such as Access Control Lists. Hardware based implementation of BiNOS mandated policies enables the T5 Compact Routing Switch to carry out Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing at wire speed. The T5 Compact Routing Switch provides a non-traffic affecting, L2 to L3 migration path, utilizing a single CPU. 

T5 Compact Routing Switches are fully manageable via SNMP, CLI, or the Web with 
either In-band (IB) or Out-of-Band (OOB) management tools. The CLI complies with the de facto industry standard and enables administration via a user friendly interface. Web management is made possible by utilizing embedded Java™ based user friendly management technology. Administrators can use industry-standard SNMP based network management systems, or BiNOSCenter. The BiNOSCenter is BATM/Telco Systems EMS/NMS Element/Network Management System and provides the network operator with a state-of-the-art, powerful, SNMP based configuration, monitoring and maintenance platform. The BiNOSCenter can manage any SNMP based element. 

Download the T5C-24G data sheet - PDF Version

Benefits and Features

  • Advanced L3, full wire speed non-blocking Routing Switch  
  • Ultra Compact Size – 1RU height, under 12" depth  
  • 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus 4 Dual fiber/copper Gigabit Ethernet ports  
  • Maximum savings on infrastructure. Use a single fiber instead of two! Unique option for plug-in Gigabit Ethernet transceivers, including:  

    • CWDM, Extra Long-Haul  
    • Bi-Directional and many more... 

  • High level of redundancy including dual AC or DC Power Supplies  
  • Embedded All-Telco-Platforms uniform BiNOS Operating System - learn once for all our platforms  
  • Enhanced Security and Maximum Protection with:  

    • SNMPv3  
    • 802.1x  
    • SSH  
    • RADIUS  
    • Secured Telnet  
    • Advanced Access Control List (ACL), and many more... 

  • IPv4 to IPv6 migration path and awareness  
  • Complete Professional Management tools for best control of your network  

    • IB and OOB management with CLI - (Industry Standard), WEB management via Embedded Java™ and unique Alarms management  
    • HPOV and SNMPc integration keys  
    • BiNOSCenter – your EMS platform

  • Unique feature-rich support including:  

    • 802.1p 8 priority queues  
    • DHCP Relay & Server  
    • RMON & Syslog  
    • TLS for E-2-E tunneling  
    • Port trunking  
    • Rate limiting and Traffic Shaping for efficient bandwidth control

  • Lowest power consumption in the Industry