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Metrobility R851

Gigabit Services Line Card

FTTB Metrobility R851_1206

Metrobility┬« Services Line Card for Gigabit Ethernet by Telco Systems provides an intelligent optical Ethernet demarcation point for service providers who are deploying Ethernet in the First Mile. The Services Line Card extends baseline VLAN technologies to enable delivery of multiple, converged services across the first-mile, optical access network. These services include transport (link-specific) OAM, interconnectivity (network-specific) OAM, and services (applicationspecific) OAM. 

The Gigabit Ethernet Services Line Card offers multiple management schemes designed to meet the needs of the services provider who may need to manage a remote device via SNMP using an IP address today but may want to migrate to a more robust, secure, scalable and flexible proxy-based management framework. 

As a carrier-class device, the Services Line Card is specifically designed to maintain the maximum isolation between the public and private network while supporting the OAM requirements defined by both the IEEE and the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

Download the Metrobility R851 data sheet - PDF Version