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Ethernet and Circuit Emulation Service Demarcation Solution

FTTB T-Marc_1206

Telco Systems' T-Marc™ is a family of cost-effective, fully-managed fast and Gigabit Ethernet demarcation gateways that support Psuedowire (PWE3) circuit-emulation service (CES). T-Marc provides service termination and demarcation over service providers' packet-based networks utilizing 802.3ah EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and 802.3ag (IEEE, ITU, MEF). These standards-based features provide extensive end-to-end Operation Administration and Maintenance (OAM) capabilities, such as performance monitoring, fault propagation, loopback, and remote failure indications. This extensive OAM toolkit enables service providers to significantly lower their OPEX by minimizing unnecessarily expensive truck rolls. T-Marc's CES functionality helps to further reduce service providers' costs (CAPEX) by deploying this single device to deliver new and legacy services. 

T-Marc fills service providers' requirements for multi-service, multi-application, multi-site, and multi-carrier SLA enforcement. Along with a wide variety of switches offered by Telco Systems, this next-generation Ethernet solution allows service providers to deliver Ethernet all-the-way - mixing and matching multiple services on a single common infrastructure with the ability to remotely monitor, test, and manage services. 

T-Marc converges up to 4 digital T1/E1 TDM trunks and 10/100/1000 copper or fiber links over Ethernet packet-based networks. The platform has an integrated wire-speed non-blocking switch with user Ethernet-enhanced VLAN support, advanced QoS, and resiliency features offering different grades of service, while providing traffic isolation for multiple services or applications. 

One of the main objectives of a demarcation device is network and infrastructure diagnostics. T-Marc accomplishes this with its extensive management and control features. It provides a variety of test functions for infrastructure (cable and link) integrity testing, remote loop-back testing, performance and provisioning monitoring across the entire network (including latency, loss, jitter, and trace route measurements using standard OAM tools). T-Marc has a flexible and robust management (monitoring, security, remote control, or software download is inherent) mechanisms – SNMP, CLI, FTP, L2 OAM packets, etc. This offers multiple management schemes for an operator ranging from EMS based, CLI driven, etc.

Download the T-Marc data sheet - PDF Version