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Cost-effective, triple play, active Ethernet FTTH/B solution for ILECs, Utilities, and Municipalities

FTTH GW-482_1206

EdgeGate CPE GW-482, a member of Telco Systems' active Ethernet FTTH/B product line, is a multi-service CPE device designed to reduce the cost of delivering voice, video, and data services to homes, SOHO, and small enterprise. It is based on Telco Systems' field-proven EdgeGate CPE GW-282, which is deployed in and outside thousands of homes and businesses worldwide. 

EdgeGate CPE GW-482 is available as either an indoor device or is equipped in an environmentally controlled enclosure, suitable for mounting on a building's exterior, for service provider access. It offers ILECs, utilities, and municipalities a cost-effective means to deliver triple play services while ensuring high reliability and availability of their networks. It's ideal for open access applications in which one service provider offers access and multiple providers deliver triple play services, as well as for cases were the service provider delivers both. 

Download the GW-482 data sheet - PDF Version

Features and Benefits

  • Superior voice quality - 0, 2, 4 port modularity 

    • Voice priority   
    • Layer 3 TOS marking   
    • 802.1p   
    • 802.1q

  • 8 10/100BaseTX LAN ports   
  • Uplink options 

    • 100BaseX pluggable SFP (mini-GBIC) - MM, SM, bi-directional   
    • 1000BaseX pluggable SFP (mini-GBIC) - MM, SM, bi-directional

  • Supports ITU H.323, MGCP, and SIP   
  • Enhanced voice 

    • Automatic tone generation: dial, busy, ring-back, stutter tone, distinctive ring   
    • DTMF detection and generation   
    • Voice activity detection and prioritization   
    • Call forwarding, hold, 3-way conferencing, etc.

  • Option for built-in charger and backup battery