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YUMIX OS-I | Intelligent Fiber Optic Switch

Using Optical Switch as a protective measure for fiber optic connection 

YUMIX OS-I_1106 

Product Specifications:

  • Channel, Path and Line protection
  • Monitoring optical connections in active and passive network components
  • Switching time < 25 ms
  • Fiber Optic line protection
  • Protocol and data rate transparent (2 Mbps – Gbps)
  • 3U or 5U rack mount card or standalone unit
  • Optimal surveillance of fiber optic connections
  • Latched switch for highest working fiber security even in case of power failures
  • Protocol and data rate transparent
  • Protects fiber optic networks from failures of passive or active network elements
  • Switching time of less than 25 ms

YUMIX OS-I Diagram_1106